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So... What is BabyCon?

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

BabyCon was made to bring you real Doctors to answer your questions together with the Baby Gear and Tools you need to be a successful Parent!

With 60 hours of Doctor led tips and tricks from pregnancy to the first years, BabyCon has a Doctor to answer your burning questions!

In the mood to decorate or see what's new? Check our our Vendors in our Exhibition Hall or our Demonstration Area where you can check out nursery's, strollers and more!

Simply Hungry? Check out our Cravings Corner and see if you can find something you couldn't live without when you were pregnant.

Games, Medical Speakers, Baby Gear, and SO MUCH MORE!

BabyCon is here to give you what you need including Womens Health, what is a normal pregnancy, Daddy Hacks, Prenatal Care, Premie Baby care, and the latest in vaccination research.

Check out our schedule below!

Don't Forget the Raffle Supporting Children's Hospital LA, or the Door Prizes, Games and Giveaways happening every 30 minutes All Day Every Day!

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